Health First certification

HEALTH FIRST Certification

As the COVID-19 pandemic within Greece is contained and constantly monitored by the State Authorities lock-down measures are progressively eased and businesses are moving forward with their adjusted operations. Accordingly we have adjusted our operations and procedures in order to prevent, limit, contain and monitor the spread of he virus.

Thankfully, as we are an apartments hotel, we already have some particular benefits like:

-Spacious apartments with excellent natural ventilation, and large balconies and autonomous A/C.

-Full autonomy for our guests, ideal for self-isolation and social distancing.

-No buffets, no mini-bars.

-We are also introducing the following procedures and approaches inline with our HEATH FIRST Certification as follows:

-We are employing a 1 day interval between stays in the same apartment.

-We are using a full steam cleaning system of our apartments after every check out on top of normal cleaning procedures.

-We have established an opt-out no-housekeeping services for our guests. This means that our guests will be provided with all necessary cleaning equipment, linen and towels for the dureation of their stay. No-contact collection of laundry, garbage bags will be made outside the apartment door, and no one will enter the apartment during our guests’ stay.

-We have already have in place no-contact check in and check out procedures.

-We do have in place self-isolation, quarantine, and tracing protocols in case of suspect cases and as have contact details of doctor on call 24/7.

-We have notices for fundamental hygiene rules for our guests to follow.

-We have prescribed a set of rules and procedures for our house cleaning personnel to follow.

There are plenty more measures we have in place that do not affect your stay. We encourage you to follow specific house rules for the well-being of staff and guests alike, and we are always open to your feedback and suggestions.